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How To Replace A Broken Torsion Spring On A Garage Door

Torsion springs help you to lift your garage doors up and down. However, the springs can wear out after years of use and have to be replaced. Here is how an experienced do-it-yourselfer can replace the torsion springs on a typical garage door. You Will Need: New Torsion Springs Ladder Heavy-Duty Gloves Safety Glasses 3 […]

Spring-Cleaning Tips For Your Garage Door

It goes without saying that there are not many parts of the United States that didn’t see a harsh winter. Frigid cold temperatures and large amounts of snow and ice have left just about everyone longing for warm days. So when the snow starts to melt, homeowners turn their attention to the exterior of their […]

Keeping Pests Out Of The Garage

Garages are a great place for cars, household items, lawn equipment, and tools. They can also be a great place for pests of all sorts, especially during the winter months. When temperatures drop, many homeowners find their garages overrun with bugs, mice, and other pests seeking a safe haven from the cold. These pests can […]

Common Storm Window Questions Answered

Keeping your home safe from storm damage starts with ensuring that the windows do not shatter from debris or high winds. However, many new homeowners are not particularly experienced with hurricane windows, and as a result, there may be some questions that they need addressed. Learning the following two questions and answers will help you […]